Who am I?

I don’t think anybody should have an opinion of another person without knowing them. So I just went right ahead and wrote this post, so you can get to know about me. I mean, why would you read my blog if you don’t?

I’m Christine. My life was a mess before. I went through a lot while I was a kid. My parents’ divorce, living with my Mom and her boyfriend for a few years during which I had to cook my own meals and do my own laundry, and just basically take care of myself in every way. When I was in high school, I got kicked out of my Mom’s place because she thought I was a bit too sassy for her taste. Then I went to live with my Nana, in the 12th grade. She was a sweetheart to me. She took care of me better than I ever got taken care of. Warm meals and nice words got me all cozy at Nana’s place and I started studying hard to get into college and at one point of time, I thought I had all the chances to actually go to study in a good place but that’s when Nana fell sick and she had to be moved to a nursing home where they took care of old people. I didn’t give my final exams that year. I went to live with my Dad, and since there was another year until I could write my exams again, I took two jobs to pay for my phone bills, because my Dad wouldn’t pay them, of course. Back in 2005, long distance calls were charged at a whopping two rupees per minute. I had met Leon on an online forum, and after writing e-mails for almost 6 months, we started talking on the phone and he went into debt after the first one year of talking. He had an almost perfect life. He went to college at an IIT, has a great family and friends, very athletic – played hockey for his state team, looks great, has a pretty girlfriend and what not. When this kind of guy comes my way and tells me that he’s been occupied with thoughts of me, after a few long phone conversations, for me it was too good to be true. We shared a number of things in common, like the books we read or the music we liked to hear. We talked for hours on end about Fyodor Dostoyevsky or The Beatles. He would tell me about all these movies he watched, going on for hours about The Clockwork Orange or just trying to make sense of Zarathustra with me hanging on the other end of the line, listening to all his nuances, wondering what he looked like as he held that hard bound copy in one hand and a phone in the other. We never saw each other, actually we decided not to, but there was this sense of belonging we shared, that couldn’t keep us apart for a very long time, and just like that, on a cold October night, he told me that I was The One. He promised me he would get to me and take me away from all the mess I was in, and he did. Our long distance relationship went on for 5 years, at the end of which, both of us graduated college. He got himself a fancy job at this big company, and so did I in the same city as his, well, mine was not so fancy. After moving to the same city, we eventually moved in together. Now, I live with that boy I loved, who turned out to be a handsome man. We are a happy little family now, and we have our little pleasures – Sunday church, endless movie marathons, little things we buy for our home, a room full of bookshelves, morning coffee and warm hugs when we see each other after a day’s work. We have a doting little cat, who we named Promise, he loves to play around and fall asleep on Leon’s lap. 

That is my life so far in a nutshell. I hope I kept it simple. Image